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Linked Solutions have expertise ranging from marine engineering, to manufacturing and project management. Our staff and teams have been assembled to ensure we provide quality, highly-skilled people for all jobs. We take pride in our high standards, and our ability to provide cost effective solutions across a wide range of sectors. 

Our range of services include:

Full project management and staffing support

We will provide you with Project managers and any additional staff you need to complete your projects.

Project Management

We can provide Project managers to oversee your operations. 


Maintenance and Overhaul

We can provide expert engineers to complete or assist any routine work.


Shortfall Cover

We can provide engineers, designers and labourers to your company to fill any shortfalls in staffing. 


Our available teams and staff include:


Marine Engineers - Our skilled team of marine engineers can work on all propulsion, auxiliary and domestic systems. They are fully MARPOL aware and can provide enclosed space rescue services. 


Electrical Engineers - HV and LV capable engineers or available to complete specialist electrical work .​

Fabrication Engineers - Our team of fabricators are on hand to assist you with your project. 


Design Engineers - Our talented engineers will help you with making your ideas come to life using Solid Works 3D and DraftSight 2D software. 

Labourers - Most operations require labourers alongside engineers. We have trusted, versatile labourers available to you. 

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