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Linked Solutions naval background allows us to provide support and assistance to the defence sector as a whole. Our team is on call globally 24/7, and available to attend and assist in the Royal Navy’s FTSP, SMP, and other refits at a moments notice. Members of our team have previously played key roles in refits and maintenance periods of a large variety of naval ships such as frigates, destroyers, landing platform dock vessels, aircraft carriers and submarines. 


Our expertise and shared experience also allow us to operate and maintain LCU Landing Craft, LCVP Landing Craft, Pacific 24 RHIBs, and ORC speedboats. Support packages are available for all these crafts, providing the opportunity to alleviate any shortfalls in engineering capacity. 


The team’s history with the MOD allows us to understand how their projects operate allowing us to offer the best of support for any of MOD projects purely by understanding the exact requirements. 


Linked Solutions can gain full security clearance, allowing us to increase engineering capacity and expedite projects. Our capabilities include project management, providing the staffing needed to fill shortfalls, and project consultancy. Linked solutions assures the quality and experience of our engineers and managers, ensuring they will always meet MoD standards.  


Increase your engineering output, contact our team and use our experience to expedite your projects.

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