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About us 

Founded in 2019, Linked Solutions has grown from strength to strength.  Linked Solutions pride ourselves on working to an incredibly high standard. We specialise in marine engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, management, and consultancy.

​We are consistently developing new partners and relationships; our plans include developing an apprenticeship scheme, training the best engineers possible to meet the constant demands of the industry. 

Our managing director, Jamie Murphy, started as an apprentice in the industry over 15 years ago and became an experienced machinist and fabricator before he joined the Royal Navy. After his naval career, he forged a team of like minded professionals; people who were also keen to fight the challenge for engineering excellence. His family tree of professional influences include; seasoned engineers, project managers, business professionals and logisticians.

Linked Solutions identified a common issue affecting all areas of Industry. Many businesses find themselves reaching out to multiple companies to tackle their projects or problems, leading to mounting costs, and inefficient progress. Upon this realisation we identified an opportunity to provide seamless solutions between business, design, development, engineering, and production: a Linked Solution.

From this concept, we have developed a one-stop-shop for all your needs; we are the only company you need on speed dial!
​Linked Solutions have played a crucial role in multi-million-pound projects, maintenance procedures, and refits. Primarily looking after propulsion systems such as large marine diesel engines and gas turbines, amongst other things, we have become the go-to company for some of our clients in regards to their propulsion solutions. We also offer specialist services in Rolls Royce gas turbines, stemming from the company’s Naval engineering background.

​As well as marine engineering, we often provide project management and consultancy work to privately owned factories. Identifying cost-cutting solutions and suggesting plans to improve efficiency and profitability, increasing efficiency by up to 45%. 


Professionalism, respect, reliability, quality and relationships are at the core of what we do. When you become one of our clients, you will find yourself with a contact for life. We are a company and a resource that you can trust, with a passionate team that can make an impact on your operations. We can assist you through a tough patch or help you grow further to maintain momentum in the market. With our assistance, network, and engineering family, we are your go-to company.

Meet the team

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Jamie LS profile pic.jpg

Jamie Murphy


Jamie founded Linked Solutions with his wide range of expertise from different industries. He spent time as machinist and fabrication engineer, in the Royal Navy, as a Rolls Royce propulsion systems engineer, and surveying & inspecting all areas of the marine engineering industry developing a broad skill set in the process. Jamie chose to start Linked Solutions to apply his range of skills and AMP project management capabilities, bringing engineering solutions and capabilities to a wide range of areas.

Mark Bingham

Non-Executive Director

Mark Bingham has been in the telecom engineering industry for over 40 years. Currently holds a position at Telefonica O2 UK LTD. as programme manager, as well as being the non-executive director here at linked Solutions.
Mark is responsible for overseeing company policy, and takes an active role in strategic planning.
Jon Wood (2).jpg

Jonathon Wood

Company Secretary

Jonathan specialises in corporate finance, and has a wide range of advisory experience including disposals and acquisitions and raising finance. He has particular expertise in the active management of businesses., managing a portfolio of a broad and diverse range of clients.  An expert in planning, project management and delivery; his efficient auditing has demonstrated sound financial benefits.
Geoff uniform.jpg

Geoff May

Marine Associate

Geoff bring with him a wealth of experience from oil and gas exploration, superyachts, and other marine sectors. Geoff has worked around the world, but now joins us in Cornwall to advice on all things Marine and Health and Safety.
Cat Profile Pic 2.jpg

Cat Allinson

Business Development Manager

Cat is an experienced commercial manager who has been working in the offshore and marine industry for the past seven years. She is passionate about building long-lasting relationships with clients and partners and identifying opportunities to collaborate. Cat specialises in diversification strategies; identifying new markets and areas where the business can grow.

Zac Harvey

Media and Communications Manager 

With 10 years experience in customer relations, Zac oversees communications for the company during recruitment processes. He oversees the company’s media presence and runs the social platforms.
James browning.jpg

James Browning 

Business Consultant

James ensures that the business has the tools it requires at every stage of growth. He is responsible for resources, manpower and funding.
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