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Marine Engineering


Linked Solutions have a proven track record in providing bespoke and effective marine engineering solutions. Our services cover all propulsion, auxiliary and domestic systems comprehensively. Our team have the capabilities to be a one stop shop for all your Marine Engineering needs.
Our services include:
- Ship/ Boat repairs
- Overhauls
- Routine maintenance and servicing 
- Antifouling
- Engine health checks 
- Re-Commissioning
- Part sales and sourcing
- Welding
- Fabrication
- Warranty work
Please get in touch today and tell us about your project so we can tailor a package to you. 


The Linked Solutions team have a background in Naval Engineering, and bring their passion for engineering to the marine industry as a whole. Our previous projects have ranged from commercial shipping to superyachts, and have worked to Lloyds of London standards to deliver quality assured services to our clients. 

Systems and Capabilities 

- Diesel engines 
- Gas Turbines 
- Water jets
- Gearbox 
Auxiliary systems 
- Electrical 
- Forced Lubrication 
- High pressure ring mains 
- Hydraulics 
- Fuel 
- Air 
- Sullage
Domestic Systems 
- Fresh Water 
- Grey Water (shower and sink)
- Black water (sewage) 


Linked Solutions can provide packages to expand on your current capabilities, with bespoke options available on request. All our packages are planned and carried out with quality, and efficiency and cost effectiveness as the highest priorities. Our engineers work all over the globe, allowing us to provide 24/7 support to maximise your vessel’s uptime. 
These packages are popular amongst our clients:
Our ability to work on all marine systems makes us a one stop shop for all your specialist maintenance needs. 
Life Extension  
Our team can inspect and assess your vessel to identify and work on key areas to extend the life of your vessel. 
Winter Overhaul  
Prepare your vessel for winter by ensuring all systems are clean, safe, and ready to stored prior to being put back in the water.
Enclosed Space Rescue 
Linked Solutions can provide a fully trained enclosed space rescue team, providing you with the skills required to maintain difficult areas of your vessel 
Linked Solutions can also include bespoke Manufacturing, Fabrication, and Project Management solutions with any service. 
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