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  • Zac Harvey


As you may have seen, we now #hiring a Business Development Manager, so here's why you should #workforus.

Linked solutions are a growing company, and as such are looking for someone with a proven track record and a fantastic professional attitude. If this describes you, then you may see many roles advertised, but here's why should work with us. As the Business Development Manager, you will have a level of freedom within your role that would not be available in a larger company. You will have freedom to choose how you allocate your time, how you work, and even where you work. You could work from an office, or from home. Ultimately, what's important for our growth is to have the right person working in close consultation with the Managing Director, and bringing in increasing numbers of projects for the company.

Why not take this opportunity to take a job that would not only work for your work style and personal life, but also gives you the opportunity to leave a lasting impact. We are already looking ahead into schemes that would benefit the next generation of engineers, and help strengthen British industry; so why not be a part of a dynamic, forward thinking young company?

Full job description:

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