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  • Zac Harvey

Our Core Values: Impact, Momentum, Passion.

In everything we do, we implement our core values.

Impact, Momentum, Passion.

Impact - From Day one of a project we want to make an impact, arriving fully prepared to immediately begin work and push your project forwards. We will do everything possible to ensure your project is completed to a high level in a time sensitive manner, ensuring we make a positive impact on your operations.

Momentum - We are fully aware that any work we do for you is part of your wider business operations. At Linked Solutions we don’t just see the end of our projects as the end, but as an opportunity to help you build momentum. We will help you prepare for the next steps for your business after our work has ended, and are always on hand for advice and aftercare.

Passion - For the Linked Solutions team, this is not just a business, but also a passion project. Our commitment to quality is not just a sales pitch, but a matter of principle. Come and check out our new website and enquire today to find out how our passion can impact your business and help build momentum today.

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