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  • Zac Harvey

The cost of buying cheap.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We've all heard of the term buy cheap buy twice. Have you ever gone for the cheapest option and experienced similar problems? Does the quality of workmanship reflect the quality of the product being worked on? From the number of times we've had a phone call from a client asking us to correct work from a previous company, it’s clear that the cheapest option is often the most expensive in the long run.

Linked Solutions are not an expensive option, but we won't always be the cheapest either. Here's why:

- We always employ the correct professionals, with the right skills sets and experience. - We pay our staff in accordance with the NAECI rates which are laid out for the Engineering & Construction Industry. This helps to attract the best engineers, and guarantee the quality of craftsmanship. - Our engineers always have the same high appreciation of quality. - Our expertise and hands on approach to work provide us with a mutual understanding of the client's requirements and needs.

This common interest will enhance the longevity of the project and maximises the transparency between the you and the Linked Solutions team.

If cost is ever an issue, we are happy to break down your projects into smaller stages to ensure you get the correct service, and don't have to buy twice!

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